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RE: PMD Compromise


That long haul native ethernet transmission may well be practical and
salable is not at issue. What is at issue ias the scope of this standard.
If you are suggesting that we should abandon the proposed 40km link in
favor of a link with a reach of, say, 80km, I am opposed because I think
there is a need for a reletively low cost link at 40km. (Certainly an 80km
version will not be low cost, reletive to the 40km flavor.)

If you are suggesting that a market exists for native Ethernet Xcvr's with
a reach of 80km, independent of the 40km, then I agree with you. How that
market gets serviced is an interesting question, but, I think, outside of
the scope of this task force. One could run Ethernet over a Soliton for
100's of km's as well....interesting, maybe salable, but beside the point.

That 40km is implemented  at 1.3u wouldn't seem to have any particular
implications for longer links, since interoperability between ends seems

It's easy to fall into the trap of trying to bring every possible datalink
under one enormous umbrella. I think we are currently seeing just such
thinking at the short reach end of the spectrum. I'd like to try to avoid
multiplying requirements at this end as well and stick to the goals we set
for ourselves.