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Osamu, dave
    In the WAN PHY, Beside the  line AIS  ( With K2 byte processing ) and path AIS ( Pointer bytes processing ), Other SONET/SDH higher layer ( Section, Line ) alarms like Loss of signal ( LOS), Loss of Sonet/SDH frame etc should  Disable the 66/64 Decoder and the Loss of Delineation defect should be detected , Then MAC will discard frame.
        The same concept is used in the ATM Framing   When there is higher order alarm
in the SONET/SDH Section, Line  etc), The  HEC State machine Jump to HUNT
state . The same concept should hold good for 66/64 Decoder as well for  Higher order
alarms( Line AIS, Path AIS, Loss of signal Loss of SONET/SDH Frame etc ).


David Martin wrote:



Your description is correct. If you're asking how the WAN PHY will react to
Line/Path AIS, the pointer processor will detect AIS-P and the all ones
signal will be passed from the WIS up to the 66/64 decoder, which will lose
sync (e.g. LOD defect, Loss Of Delineation), then the MAC will see the
ReceiveDataValid line inactive & discard frames.


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