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Re: 3PMD Proposal


I pretty much think you are asking the wrong question.  I haven't run in
to anyone working inside an LE or POP that likes the patch cord.  They
use them because they have to.  There has to be some way to meet the
criteria without using this method of a patch cord.  And yes, there are
customers that are pulling new fiber because they don't want to
use/maintain the patch cords ...... by choice, not because I have asked

I think you might be missing my point, heck, I might be missing it :) -
have you noticed how many people are involved in this standard?  Have you
noticed that there are people, myself included, that have been paying
attention, but yet missed some details (we can't cover every issue :) )?
This think is getting huge ..... and I made my comment as an attempt to
keep things, from my view point, slightly easier for the customer type
that I personally get involved with.


Andreas Bechtolsheim wrote:

> > I have to agree with Larry's thoughts 'Arghhhh!!!'.  I would opt to
> > scrap the 1300 nm wwdm solution if a patch cord is required.
> So what do you prefer: asking the customer to pull new fiber
> or not plugging into the installed based of MMF?

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