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RE: Nomenclature slides...


I vote for choice # 2 (Brad's poll) and PMD Set # 1 (Walt's PMD options). 

These votes results in a Port_Type set as follows:

1. 10GBASE-EX (1550nm serial LAN)
2. 10GBASE-EW (1550nm serial WAN)
3. 10GBASE-SX4 (850nm WDM LAN)
4. 10GBASE-SW4 (850nm WDM WAN)
5. 10GBASE-LX4 (1310nm WDM LAN) 
6. 10GBASE-LW4 (1310nm WDM WAN) 

The PMD sub-group chairman (Walt) stated that neither camp (system
integrators or component suppliers) has sufficient strength to win a 75 %
technical vote in this committee on the issue of three 'vs' five PMDs.
Therefore to avoid deadlock, this group must do some serious sole searching
over the coming weeks leading up to the start of the July plenary. Coming
out of this July plenary the group must have consensus on the minimal PMD
set possible that addresses all 10 GE objectives.

For example this three PMD set solves all 10 GE distance objectives:

1. 850 WWDM		Short Reach Market	100m/300m IEEE distance
2. 1300WWDM		Medium Reach Market	2km/10km IEEE distance
3. 1500 Serial	Long Reach			40km IEEE distance objective

	- Jeff

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Feel free to take a look and discuss it with your customers, family and
friends. :-)

Comments welcome,

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