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RE: 3PMD Proposal

Yes, the 4 X WWDM (1300 nm) solution will work with both MMF and SMF with
the same transceiver module.
Lisa Buckman

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Subject: RE: 3PMD Proposal

Arghhhh!!! Are we really back to that, David? The offset patchcord has been
terribly unpopular with us, adding so much cost that it nearly doubles the
cost of 1 Gb MM LX links.

Is the Agilent 4X WWDM going to work with SMF? I will be wanting to know

Larry Miller 

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Subject:        RE: 3PMD Proposal 

      the offset launch patchcord is assumed for the 1300 nm WWDM case for 
10 Gigabit Ethernet.  As was documented in IEEE 802.3z 1000BASE-LX the 
offset launch patchcord ensures a worst-case minimum bandwidth of 500  For 1300 nm links the inclusion of the offset launch patchcord 
obsoleted the 385 modal bandwidth value that was present in some 
older drafts of the 1000BASE-LX clause. 

	In conclusion, since the offset launch patchcord is part of the 1300
nm WWDM 
proposal 500 is the correct modal bandwidth to use for the multimode 

	Best wishes, 


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Subject: 3PMD Proposal 

	Hello Piers, 
I just got through Del's presentation from Ottawa again and stumpled over 
your calculation for the "Minimum Range" of CWDM over installed MM-Fiber 
(Slide 4). 
You calculated 2-300m for all 500MHz*km fiber but I understood that since 
Gigabit Ethernet the worst case effective bandwidth everbody agreed on is 
375MHz*km. Our calculation with the latter value let to about 180m. 
What am I missing here? (Of course we used your spreadsheet!) 
Best wishes