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RE: 3PMD Proposal

My understanding of real world implementations is that 85-90% of links that
use LX modules on legacy MMF do not use the external mode conditioning
patchcord. I realize we have to standardize for practically worst case
conditions, however I don't believe the mode conditioning patchcord will
become neccessary in a large number of installations. Am I totally off here?

SMF is a yes up to 10km.


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> Anddreas,
> I pretty much think you are asking the wrong question.  I haven't run in
> to anyone working inside an LE or POP that likes the patch cord.  They
> use them because they have to.  There has to be some way to meet the
> criteria without using this method of a patch cord.  And yes, there are
> customers that are pulling new fiber because they don't want to
> use/maintain the patch cords ...... by choice, not because I have asked
> them.
> I think you might be missing my point, heck, I might be missing it :) -
> have you noticed how many people are involved in this standard?  Have you
> noticed that there are people, myself included, that have been paying
> attention, but yet missed some details (we can't cover every issue :) )?
> This think is getting huge ..... and I made my comment as an attempt to
> keep things, from my view point, slightly easier for the customer type
> that I personally get involved with.
> Joel
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> Andreas Bechtolsheim wrote:
> > > I have to agree with Larry's thoughts 'Arghhhh!!!'.  I would opt to
> > > scrap the 1300 nm wwdm solution if a patch cord is required.
> >
> > So what do you prefer: asking the customer to pull new fiber
> > or not plugging into the installed based of MMF?
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