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RE: Your 3PMD Proposal


The problem with reletive cost comparisons is that they fail to take
account of the economies of scale and barriers to entry which go with being
"first to market". If the 1310 WWDM gets to market in a timely manner, it
may well be that a 1310 serial alternative will never catch up, as its
potential cost advantage could only be realized if production volumes were
roughly equal to the WWDM. Similarly, the alleged cost advantage of an
850nm WWDM supposes that its volumes equal that of the 1310 WWDM. Should
this not be the case, all bets are off.

In principal, I believe that if we all got behind the 1310 WWDM for all
distances up to 10km (about as likely as pigs flying), it would cost less
than any other alternative, simply by virtue of economies of scale. This,
coupled with a 1310nm serial 40km link, would be an elegant, two PMD
solution to all reaches.