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Re: 664b/66b frame alignment in SONET payload


Related to Erik's question, it gets kinda messy to extract
the 66-bit code words which wrap around the ends of the SONET
payload (a lot of muxing would be necessary since the wrap point
would be at arbitrary bit boundaries).  Just thinking out loud,
would it be possible to increase the Path overhead by 8 bits, or
subtract it by 58 bits so that the 66-bit code words fit within
the SPE without wrapping.

-Wesley Lee


I have a question regarding alignment of the PCS 66-bit frames
within the SONET payload (in WAN mode obviously).  My understanding
is that the PCS 66-bit frames can and will cross SONET frames, and
obviously they will not begin on octet boundaries.  However, will
it be specified that the PCS frames will sit on even-bit boundaries,
reducing the valid sync locations from 66 to 33?


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