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RE: Nomenclature slides...


Does that mean you'll support whatever the box vendors want?  As a box
vendor and a PMD end customer, I would hope PMD vendors would be willing to
support what this box vendor feels is required to best serve the needs of my

As an individual participating in the development of an IEEE standard, I can
understand the merits of the 850nm proposals from a marketing perspective.
Being that this is an IEEE standard with objectives and criteria to meet in
the development of the standard, I have to weigh those against what I feel
is in the best interest of the development of the standard and the
development of the 10 GbE market.  Given that, this individual from a box
vendor company feels that the 1310nm WDM, 1310nm serial and 1550nm serial
best meets the objectives and criteria of P802.3ae.


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	Jeff et al.,

	I am a vendor to the box vendors.  We end up supporting whatever box
	finally want.  However, I would also like to warn about the risk of
	the PMDs to the point of serving the short term logistics of box
	without best serving the needs of the market (users).  I believe our
	goal is to identify solutions that support the proliferation of the
	technology.  The key (AND ONLY) factor involved in true market
	(assuming economics is a given) is the support of the 'whole
	Whole product means:
		a. Multiple (viable) vendor support
		b. Installation support
		c. Maintenance support

	The thing we have to consider here is which PMDs offer the best
chance of
	fulfilling the 'whole product' requirements stated above....and also
fit the
	objectives.  My opinion continues to be that 850nm serial has
	over the other short reach solutions based on a & well as

	Also, I must add here that the objectives do not seem to be based on
	"application space" data, i.e. surveys that maps link distance vs
	volumes in the CO/POP/Large Data Centers.  But more on early 802.3ae
	preferences.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

	We believe that there is a substantially large volume of links in
the space
	supported by 850nm serial over existing MMF.  This coupled with the
	that 850nm serial is less complex & more available [sooner], means
it will
	be a guaranteed market success.