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RE: 3PMD Proposal

I agree with Howard's points.

The other thing that I've been hearing that concerns me is this
representation that the new MMF used for 1000BASE-SX will work for a 10 GbE
850nm solution. Without knowing the length of new MMF cable being installed,
that assertion cannot be guaranteed.


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	Can you provide some numbers to substantiate this assertion:

	>Please note that pulling new fiber is a small fraction of the total
	>cost. Customers have already been installing the new multimode that
will be
	>used today for 1000BASE-SX, and can be upgraded to 10000BASE-850nm
in the
	>future. The bulk of 10 GBE port sales will occur after 2002. By
that time,
	>there will be a significant and growing installed base of the new

	What constitutes "a significant and growing installed base of the
	multi-mode fiber?"

	Can you show us a timeline, going out for the next five years, with
	your projections of the percentage penetration for the new fiber in 
	both the horizontal and backbone applications?

	Howard Frazier
	Cisco Systems, Inc.