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Re: Gearbox reality check


I should have written 66:4 instead of 66:6 to cover the case of 66-bit frames
going across a 4-lane WDM PMA interface for the WAN PHY. Sorry 'bout that!

Best Regards,
Rich Taborek wrote:
> Roy,
> The purpose of the "gearbox" you mention is simple and straightforward. However,
> it should be noted that the gearbox is implementation specific to the PMA
> service interface. The 66:16 gearbox converts 66-bit sub-frames and slices them
> up into 16-bit chunks for transport over 16-bit interfaces such as the XBI
> proposed as a PMA service interface:
> Other 10 GbE PHY implementations may utilize a 66:6 gearbox or no gearbox at all
> in the case that the PMA service interface is a 1-bit serial interface.
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