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Re: Optical Simulation: FOCSS

Jonathan and Dave

I have come across software called COMSIS 8 at, which deals
with laser chirp and non linearities as well.  Hopefully you know some French. 

Optisim made by has CW Lorenztzian laser source and 
rate equation laser source.

The above software only handles single mode lasers and fibers.

Good Luck,

Ali Ghiasi
Sun Microsystems

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> Jonathan,
> I looked at the web site and it seems to be a typical
> numerical simulator with a couplie of exceptions.  It
> seems to be set up for multilevel modulation and it 
> seems to have some sort of noise model, since RIN
> is one of the input parameters.  However, since the
> linewidth enhancement factor is NOT listed as an 
> input parameter, it may not deal with chirp.  There
> are several modulator options so I'm guessing that it
> is meant to model a system in which the laser is running
> cw and the modulator is external.
> Dave Dolfi
> Agilent Technologies