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Re: 64B66B bit ordering


Your suggestion works, except for the bit ordering of the
type byte. The type byte should also be indicated bit 
reversed to be consistent with the rest of the fields.
type byte "0x1e" -> 01111000. (I think you had it bit
reversed within each nibble wihout exchanging the nibbles). 


>I tend to like the first proposal but I can follow the
>second. Also, I think the second is the one that matches
>most closely the mapping you have in the presentation.
>Changing now would probably cause more confusion.
>More confusing is maping the Z fields into the frame.
>You need to be very explicit in showing exactly how
>the bits of each Z field maps into the frame. My suggestion
>would be to pick a method for mapping the D fields into
>the frame then show exactly how the Z fields map into
>the frame in the exact same format.
>Your "Code Summary" slide is a great picture of how the
>D frames and the Z frames map to each other. What's missing
>is exactly the order of the bits. I've attached a picture.
>See what you think.