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Regarding Presentation Requests....

Everyone should be made aware that I have been pushing back on the various presenters to make sure that all the material is germane to the objectives of the July meeting. Specifically, I have been challenging requests for presentations that are not directly tied to proposals for inclusion into draft one of the standard.
Simply stated, I have been looking for two kinds of presentations:
1. I will move to put the following material into the first draft.
2. I support that proposal XYZ be adopted.
Type 1 is pure content.
Type 2 is the "why proposal XYZ meets the objectives and 5 criteria...." Clearly, a Type 2 should be tied directly to a Type 1.
Having these together in one presentation is not a problem.
In some cases I have gotten Type 2's without any associated Type 1. In some cases, I have gotten requests for Type 2a, 2b, 2c....
Would everyone please help me reduce redundancy by working with each other to consolidate material. Let's make the meeting crisp and clean.

Jonathan Thatcher,
Chair, IEEE 802.3ae (10 Gigabit Ethernet)
Principal Engineer, World Wide Packets
PO BOX 141719, Suite B; 12720 E. Nora, Spokane, WA 99214
509-242-9000 X228; Fax 509-242-9001; jonathan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx