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5 pmd spread sheet

  To facilitate discussion of the 5 pmds, I have taken the liberty of adding
the two 850-nm pmds to the most recently published spread sheet.  In
addition to adding two pmd's, I also implemented the change suggested in
Paul Kolesar's presentation:,
that is, to replace effective baud rate with actual baud rate in the Beta
calculation.  These changes are noted on the Notes page of the spread sheet.
  I have asked the Web Master David Law to post this spread sheet at the
following location:

  I believe it was concluded that these spreadsheets would be presented by
each interest group to carefully explain their solution.  I think this
spread sheet accurately reflects the views of the 850-nm serial people, and
I hope it represents the views of the 5-pmd camp at large.

Robert Marsland
Focused Research, Inc. (a New Focus company)
555 Science Dr.
Madison, WI 53711
(608) 824 6000 x202
(608) 238 2656 FAX