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8B/10B Idle codes /A/, /K/ and /R/ are used for deskew, code-group sync, and
clock tolerance compensation, respectively. All lanes must contain the same
sequence at the transmitter. The receiver may not "see" the same alignment due
to lane-to-lane skew.  

On nomenclature, I've been using the term "lane" to refer to the all elements of
a single 8B/10B encoded serial stream. I've also been using "link" to refer to a
related set of such four lanes. Your point of clarification seems to
differentiate "lane" from "channel". I generally think of these terms as
synonymous. Can we agree on the following nomenclature:

lane = channel
link = lanes 0:3 or channels 0:3 

Best Regards,

> "Rogers, Shawn" wrote:
> Rich, a point of clarification.  When talking about transmit /A/ or /R/
> randomly while maintaining minimum 16 column /A/ spacing, this is on a lane or
> channel basis.
> Meaining if lane/channel 0 contains:    /A/R/K/R/K/A/..., during the IPG, then
> lane/channels 1-3 must contain the same
> sequence: /A/R/K/R/K/A/...
> Shawn
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