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RE: what's next ?


If we are successful in adding the necessary PMD(s) to the baseline proposal
during the September Interim Meeting, I see no reason why this detour should
cause any modification in the overall schedule.

Structurally, adding a Serial PMD will end up as a "column addition" to the
Serial PMD clause (yes, I know, like with clause 38, we might actually have
new tables). This level of change should be pretty transparent. Especially
since we already know the specifications for the tables. Right?

For non-serial, PMD proposals, it would certainly help if any September
presentation came equipped with a "Draft 1.0 equivalent."

I am more concerned with a few details that we haven't gotten to yet:
1. What is the connector on the media going to be? SC/LC/MT/Other?
2. What new optical test methods are required?
3. Can we lock down the jitter specifications and measurement (XAUI, SUPI,

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>Sent: Monday, July 17, 2000 3:21 PM
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>Subject: RE: what's next ?
>Hi Jonathan,
>I would appreciate it if you would clarify something for me.
>Since only the 1550 and 1300nm serial PMDs made it forward
>at this last meeting, does that imply that a multimode or
>WDM PMD will by necessity be forced to assume a later schedule?
>Can we expect to have a low-cost/short-haul PMD solution on
>the original time frame?
>If so, I may have mis-interpreted the situation in La Jolla and
>will be glad that my comments did not result in a negative vote
>for moving the two PMDs forward.
>Dan Dove
>HP ProCurve Networks