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RE: what's next ?

Jonathan, Thanks for your clarification on expectations for the interim
meeting in September.

I think it would be very helpful to have a discussion as to the "systems"
vendors desires.

For example their interest in the current candidates for the 100 meter and
300 meter objectives. 1300WWDM, 850CWDM, 850 serial.

What they would "need" to see/understand for these to gain their support,
and/or why they never will support one or all of these.  My reason for
initiating this is that it will be very difficult to get any of these
approved unless we meet their expectations. I hope any of these aren't
approved as the lesser of evils.

Regarding 850CWDM we are planning to make first implementations with duplex
SC moving to LC with small form factors.  Our expectation is that small form
factor with LC could be available a year from today.  First size will be
GBIC, electrical interface can be XGMII or XAUI for first implementations.
Should we pursue equalization for 850CWDM to reach 300 meters over legacy
62.5 um fiber?

We have had initial discussions with Brad Booth and David Cunningham to be
sure that the clauses for WDM implementations keep up with the current
progress on serial clauses.

Bill Wiedemann
925-560-1610  X169