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Re: Break Link and Remote Fault


I may start a dog fight with this comment but here goes.

I question why there needs to be so much effort to insert "break link and 
remote fault" when OAM&P functionality was the primary purpose behind the 
WAN compatible PHY.  There was a lot of argument about how to best go about 
providing that OAM&P.  There was a MAJOR compromise to split the PAR into 
two distinct PHY logics, one with OAM&P and one without.  Now I am seeing 
an attempt to put OAM&P functionality into the PHY logic that originally 
specifically excluded OAM&P.   I voted against LSS because the additional 
complexity in a LAN is not needed.  If an implementation architecture 
requires OAM&P, the WAN compatible PHY is available.  There should not be 
any optical distinctions between the LAN PHY without OAM&P and the WAN 
compatible PHY with OAM&P.  Given the major transfer bandwidth hit that was 
forced on the WAN compatible PHY by a block coding PCS, OAM&P functionality 
is one of the distinctions that provides customers with a clear decision 
point.  I would recommend that the group take the failure of the group to 
provide 75% support as an indication that this should be dropped and energy 
spent on other things.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum
A customer

At 11:20 PM 7/14/00 -0400, Brown, Ben [BAY:NHBED:DS48] wrote:

>The LSS proposal was not initially accepted to be part
>of draft D1.0. The opponents of this proposal felt that
>this was too complicated a method for reporting Break
>Link and Remote Fault. Since I've heard many times on
>this reflector and in the meetings that, if a proposal
>is going to be shot down a substitute should be made to
>take its place, I'd like to request just such a substitute.
>Another thing to remember. According to Jonathan's
>schedule, this was the "last new proposals" meeting.
>I'll be interested to hear proposals for break link
>and remote fault reporting that do not include major
>new ideas.
>Ben Brown
>P802.3ae Logic Track Chair
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