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As I said at the La Jolla meeting, my proposal for the XGMII timing
is a placeholder, subject to discussion and refinement.  We have
always used the ballot and comment review process to work out a set
of timing parameters that achieve consensus support.

On the subject of "how many clock signals", I note that I have been
presenting the same material since July of 1999, with one clock and
32 data signals in each direction.  In the last year, I have heard
lots of support for "one clock in each direction", and only three
individual requests for "one clock for each eight bit bundle". That's
why I keep presenting the same thing.

My preference is for one clock in each direction, but I would be glad
to put this up to a vote in an XGMII sub task force, if one is ever formed.
This is a relatively straight forward decision, so I would ask
the folks who are challenging the "one clock in each direction" position
to put together a summary of the pros and cons, and present this at
the September interim meeting.