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Re: A Question about "Inter Packet Gap and SOP Lane alignment"

At 06:32 AM 7/18/00, Brown, Ben [BAY:NHBED:DS48] wrote:

>The task force voted 113-0-7 to accept XAUI with the
>modifications Rich made in the following presentation:
>Your idea is worth some consideration. These are the
>types of discussions we'll have as we proceed through
>the draft review process.
>Boaz Shahar wrote:
> >
> >
> > What about doing random selection between /A/ and /K/ for the first column,
> > then /R/, and then, if there exists a 3'rd column,  substitute the /A/ or
> > /K/ (The one that did not occur in the first column).
> >
> > Thx., and besr regards
> > Boaz
> >


According to the state diagram on page 2 of the Random AKR generation
document dated 6/29/00 at the end of the presentation,
the case you mention above about the selection of the third column
already partially exists.  The /A/ spacing counter insures there will
never be an /A/ in both the first column and the third column.  See
page 3 of the above document for a description of the 5-bit A_Counter.
If the first column is a /K/, then the priority of the A_CNT_0 term
in the transition equations will ensure the third column is an /A/
as long as the previous packet was not a runt.  If the first column is
an /A/,  then the third column will be either a /R/ or a /K/ with a 50%

I agree with Ben that this is the type of detailed discussion the task
force will undertake as it proceeds through the draft writing and review
process.  At this point, I think we should let the editors write the
first draft according to the presentations which were voted in by
the task force.  There will be plenty of time and opportunities to
discuss modifications to the detailed state machines during the review process.

Hope this helps,


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