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RE: 802.3ae Connectors -- Is it possible to skip optical and focus on 10gE SFP housing/connector?


This may sound funny, but, from the perspective of interoperability, what
you see on the interfaces is what matters. For P802.3ae, we only have ONE
required interface and that is the optical one. Can you connect the dots
from there?


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>From: Dan Bezzant [mailto:dan_bezzant@xxxxxxxxxx]
>Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2000 9:40 AM
>Subject: 802.3ae Connectors -- Is it possible to skip optical and focus
>on 10gE SFP housing/connector?
>I'm fairly new to this forum and to 802, so if my comments below on
>optical connector issues are off-the-mark, please forgive me.
>I agree that spec-ing an optical connector will seriously delay
>the production of the 10gE spec.  I also feel that producing the
>spec without any connector will seriously delay adoption of the
>spec.  I strongly feel that 802.3ae needs to have *some* kind
>of standardized connector by the time the draft comes out so
>that companies will start creating the infrastructure and customers
>will start creating the demand for 10GbE products.
>If there's too much at play to standardize an optical connector,
>how about focusing instead on standardization of a 10GbE version of
>an SFP housing and connnector to be ready by draft 1 of the spec?
>That way, the variety of optical interface manufacturers can 
>start on 10gE
>SFP modules that will interface with 10gE systems but use whatever
>type of combinations of transmission method/optical connector/media
>that they wish to promote.
>If spec-ing the 10GbE version of an SFP housing and connector has
>already taken place, or is not possible for other technical reasons
>I am not aware of, please excuse my not knowing the condition of
>the 10gE standardization efforts and ignore these comments.
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