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Re: WIS overhead - G1 RDI-P field

    Currently RDI-P is not defined  in the WIS. I feel the RDI-P is the carry
important information  for remote End based
upon the 64/64 Decoder Sync. loss. If this is not supported , Because of Loss
of sync in 66/64 Decoder will not bass
the packet and remote end has no information about the sync loss. I clarify
with Norival in July meeting about enhanced
RDI.-P based upon Sync loss . Probably we need to discuss this issue on
reflector  for including the usefulness of this
alaram for remote end.


Erik Trounce wrote:

> Hello all,
> I've noticed that the RDI-P field of the G1 overhead byte
> is still undefined in the latest WIS update.
> <>
> However, the WIS update document does state in the Cross-References
> section (on page 38) that ERDI-P is supported.  ANSI T1.416-1999
> references ANSI T1.105-1995 which defines ERDI-P in Table 9 on
> page 38.  Some questions:
> 1. will 802.3ae use the ERDI-P as defined by Table 9?
> 2. will LCD-P be used for anything (e.g. indicate loss of PCS codeword
> delineation)?
> 3. will 802.3ae equipment have to support RDI-P as well as ERDI-P?
> As currently defined, all ERDI-P would be used for is detecting
> far-end PLM-P, AIS-P and LOP-P.  Are any enhancements envisioned?
> Cheers,
> Erik Trounce
> Nortel Networks