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Re: Optical Connectors


I thought about this for a few days, and I am not sure we should adopt the SC
for 10gigE ( and I know .... no one is specifically saying we should).  Other
connector options are more attractive to higher port count systems that are
robust.  It won't be long, based on past experience, when we will have large
port count 10gigE systems.  I feel we should start with a connector that
makes sense to use, as I believe others have been saying, at least some of
the others on this thread.

I would like to hear more from the fiber suppliers and the components people
on this issue regarding their thoughts on pros and cons of a particular
connector or specification system.  I would rather not just refer to some
other standards group for the connector type.  I just feel we should pick one
and reference a standards group, too.  It seemed to work well in 802.3z.

Take care

Howard Frazier wrote:

> I love free food, and the optical component manufacturers always put on
> a nice spread.
> What's so bad about connector wars, anyway?  Connector wars have gotten
> a bad rap because they have been bungled so badly by inept standards
> committees. Consider what we did in 802.3z:
> 0) We adopted the SC and the DB-9 as the baseline connectors for 802.3z
> in November, 1996 in Vancouver.