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PMD: Objectives Revisited

I was completely frustrated by the 802.3 Working Group’s lack of constructive
response to Walter Thirion’s plea for their help in clarifying the PMD objectives
at the thursday meeting. I believe that Walter was trying to re-center the debate on
the PMD objectives in order to break the impasse on their implementations.
I believe Walter was on the right track. I propose that the committee should debate
the objectives of the PMD’s to clearly identify the application space and cost considerations.
I offer the following as a point of departure.
Objectives for debate:
- support of installed (legacy) 62.5 and 50 micron multimode fiber to 300 meters.
- support of a low-cost short-reach fiber solution for the Internet Data Center, Central Office,
  equipment room, and premise application to 300 meters (new installations).
Potential 10 Gb/s Ethernet customers addressing the committee have voiced strong
support for inclusion of a low-cost short-reach fiber objective to address the application space
of the Internet Data Center, the Equipment Room and the Central Office.
Chris Di Minico
Cable Design Technologies (CDT) Corporation
Director of Network Systems Technology
Phone: 800-422-9961 ext:333
e-mail: cd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx