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Re: Optical Connectors


Please see below.



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From: Jonathan Thatcher <Jonathan.Thatcher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: HSSG <stds-802-3-hssg@xxxxxxxx>
Sent: Friday, July 21, 2000 12:45 PM
Subject: RE: Optical Connectors

> Given some of the notes on this thread, I am not confident that everyone
> the same idea of what it might mean for P802.3ae to specify an optical
> connector.
> I think that we can simply look at clause 38.11.3 to see how we would do
> this. In particular, note that the connector is specified by reference to
> international standard (IEC 61754-4) where the connector is specified in
> detail.

Rather simple using cut and paste of 38.11.3 (duplex SC only) or by adding
to the above following my recommendations supported by Paul, Rich, Schelto,
Joel and few other: "When high density is an important consideration then
Small Form Factor connector designs that meet the dimensions and interface
specifications of IEC 61754-18, IEC 61754-19 and IEC 61754-20 outlined in an
Informative Annex XX are recommended." This would also be in line with ISO

> I believe it is our duty to select at least one connector for P802.3ae. I
> personally have reservations about the committee selecting more than two
> (e.g. SC and one SFF). If referencing FC implies indirect adoption of more
> than two, this is a bad idea. We need to be clear what is being
> By way of example, in clause 38.11.1 we reference IEC 793-2 fiber
> specifications. We do not reference all fibers specified in IEC 793-2.

I believe that you may have personal preferences regarding particular style
and by way of the same example please take a note that IEC 793-2 does cover
50/125, 62.6/125 MMFs in 850 and 1310 nm windows with multiplication of
bandwidth cells in four different categories (A1 - A4). The fifth, category
B, covers SMF.

As you can see the matrix is rather large.
> jonathan