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RE: Equalization


A multimode fiber carries numerous modes, or solutions to Maxwell's
Equations, if you will. Modes of a multimode fiber couple energy
among each other due to a variety of factors, including temperature
and vibrations affecting the alignment of interconnections and
transmit assembly. Also, the output of a laser can exhibit changes
in the energy distribution of its modes. It stands to reason that
the problem will be less severe if you restrict the launch to a
small subgroup of modes. If I understood Gair correctly, he was
pointing out that techniques like Encircled Flux launch reduce this
time-variance sufficiently to allow us to approximate the impulse
response as time-invariant. I haven't seen the evidence, but it
seems reasonable, so I accept his point.



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> I am also a bit confused regarding the time variance of the fiber
> characteristics.  What is their about the fiber that makes the
> chracteristics time variant?  Vipul, you too had an
> e-mail that said the
> fiber was time-variant.
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> >
> > Ed,
> >
> > You need to talk to some of the participants of the
> FO-2.2.1 round
> > robins.  I suspect that some of the participants do
> have data that
> > contains phase information.
> >
> > On a different note.  I believe that the fiber response
> is relatively
> > invariant with respect to time.  There is variation
> between different
> > fibers, but for fibers selected using the RML
> requirements the variation
> > should be manageable.
> >
> > Gair
> >
> >