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XAUI, SFF connectors


As is usually the case, you always bring up interesting tangential
issues in your email. This time it's:

"Given the form factor that would use XAUI, SFF connectors would not be
a requirement."

What in the world does the XAUI interface, specified for use as an XGMII
extender, have to do with SFF connectors???

Please enlighten me. 

Best Regards,

Roy Bynum wrote:
> Chris,
> I am not sure of your comment about LC having a proven track record for
> single mode implementations.  At present, WorldCom has not deployed any
> LC.  All of the connectors currently specified for SM installations is
> SC.  A particular vendor is attempting to get WorldCom to make use of their
> connectors.  ( I will not say how successful or not they are. )  Several
> system vendors are attempting to make use of LC, but at present, none have
> been certified.  Given the form factor that would use XAUI, SFF connectors
> would not be a requirement.
> Thank you,
> Roy Bynum
> At 04:28 PM 7/21/00 -0600, Chris Simoneaux wrote:
> >Our opinion is that LC is a better connector than MTRJ.  The LC does not
> >seem to suffer the possible damage that MTRJ can see with high mate/demate
> >cycles...due to the guide pin action.  Also, the LC has a proven track
> >record for singlemode whereas the MTRJ does not.
> >
> >PS: My feeling is the standards body's charter should be to specify a
> >connector. However, there's too much rhetoric in the procedure. Therefore
> >it's difficult to choose the best solution.  Inevitably the real winner/s
> >will come forward. Conclusion: Choose a connector at the standards level as
> >it can expose good points of each solution.
> >
> >Chris Simoneaux
> >Picolight
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