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Re: Equalization


Revisit the La Jolla voting record, then find what is the best way to get 75% 
consensus, which will help HSSG and Sun.  This is the way to contribute.

Ed Chang
NetWorth Technologies, Inc.   

 HI Ed
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 > Ghiasi:
 > The 3-PMD you chose was the set rejected by 802.3 in La Jolla by only
 > getting 57% yes vote, and the parallel optics of 4-fibers failed by only
 > getting 38% yes vote 
 Not bad for being added to the PMD vote just before the vote was taken.
 .... 75% yes vote is required.
 > If you propose the same thing again, we will be stuck there with only
 > 1550/1310 serial PMDs forever.
 > There are other choices which have much higher approval rate than those you
 > have chosen.
 Can you elaborate what these other PMD choices are?
 > Please come up with more creative solutions, acceptable by 75% voters to
 > help all HSSG including Sun to resolve the PMD issue.
 the creative way to move forward is to define two low cost variant for
 data center applications with 100 m reach, then add the 1300 nm CWDM 
 to support 300m.  The data center market is very significant and will
 keep the short-wave people happy help getting more vote.  
 Thanks, >>