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RE: Equalization and benefits of Parallel Optics.

I have one question:

Which of our distance objectives is satisfied with parallel fiber and
parallel optics?

It has been my interpretation that when we talked about 100m of installed
base of MMF, that we were referring to the MMF fiber currently available for
use by 802.3z.  Parallel optics does not operate over this installed base.

Or am I missing the point here?


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	> Although parallel fiber is technically an easier solution, the
major reason
	> for support of 850nm has been to consider the installed base, and
cost. If
	> users have to pull new fiber, IMHO, parallel fiber would not be on
top of
	> the list and most of installed base is single fiber.

	I did not suggest to pull any new fiber.  Limit the shortwave
	including parallel optics to the data center with 100 m radius.


	Ali Ghiasi
	Sun Microsytems

	> Sharam Hakimi
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