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RE: Optical Connectors

Roy, I do not believe your assesment is correct. I can give you name of at
least 6 other BIG companies who are doing LC. That is more than you can
count for MT-RJ, I'm sure.

I think it will be instructive to give people a feel of the various pros and
cons of various small form factor devices. Please let me know if anything is
amiss. Lets try and mantain objectivity here.

Fiber pitch: 6.25mm (simple and easy to manufacture)
Insertion loss 0.1-0.15dbm 
Return loss: 50-60dbm

Very similar to LC 
Only difference is lack of latch which might be advantageous/disadvantageous
depending upon whom you talk to

Fiber pitch: 0.75mm(difficult to manufacture)
Insertion loss 0.15-0.2 dbm
Return loss: ~40dbm

VF (volition)
Fiber pitch: 4.9mm(special cabling reqd.)
Insertion loss 0.5dbm
Return loss: ~20dbm


ps: I agree with a lot of people on this reflector that it doesn't make
sense to get into these discussions on and on. Everyone has their own
favourite connector and the protocol is anyway independent of whether you
use SC or LC or MT-RJ.

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