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RE: Equalization and benefits of Parallel Optics.


Today's MT technology for MM is very mature and alignment of 12 fiber is
not an issue.  It is true that MT has larger surface area, but the
cost involved in polishing 12 fibers or two fibers in a ferrule is 
relatively small.



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> Subject: RE: Equalization and benefits of Parallel Optics.
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> Ali:
> MT (or MT-RJ) has two fibers to align, and 4-parallel interconnect has eight
> fibers to align.
> Eight fibers vs. two fibers to align has huge difference is difficulty
> factor.  They are not in the same level of comparison.  I hope some one has
> come up with a solution to make it easier.
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> You certainly have stated some pitfall of the technology from the last 10
> years.  The biggest reason for failure of these early program was ignoring
> copper capability.  They were developing product more expensive and less
> reliable than copper.  Many of the complexity which made these early program
> fail also applies to any of the variant in consideration in the 802.3ae.
> Cable termination is more difficult with MT or MT-RJ, how come MT RJ are
> implemented in the LAN?
> Thanks,
> Ali