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RE: Equalization and benefits of Parallel Optics.

The meeting minutes from July 1999 show the following voting for the 300 m
MMF PMD objectives:

For 300 m on MMF: Y=83, N= 3, A=8 (96% approval)
For 300 m on installed MMF: Y=33, N=53, A=14. (38% approval)

With this differential there was much more opposition to the word
"installed" than just from the PMD vendors. And eliminating the word
installed gave us very high support levels. I think that's because left our
options open. 

Paul Kolesar

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	At the Montreal meeting (July 1999), when the distance objectives
	debated and voted upon, there weren't any claims that a serial
10-GBd PMD
	could support 100m on installed fiber.  The reason that the
	survived the vote was that at the time there were 2 proposed PMD
	alternatives that could satisfy the objective: 1300 nm WWDM and
	PAM-5. The second multimode objective was first voted on as "300-m
	installed MMF".  While this had strong support from the system
vendors and
	received over 60% of the vote, it failed to receive a 75% majority,
due to
	opposition from PMD and fiber vendors who pointed out that 1300-nm
WWDM was
	the only PMD that could support this objective.  When the word
	was removed from the objective, the objective received the necessary
	majority.  It was understood at the time that this objective was
	deliberately left ambiguous.


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