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RE: About the 802.3 September Interim Meetings

Looks like the smart folks are the ones who voted for Copenhagen.
GIGA, is it still available?


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Subject: About the 802.3 September Interim Meetings


Much to my chagrin and embarrassment we do not yet have a fully committed
set of meeting arrangements for the September Interims for 802.3ae and

One thing seems to be clear at this point. That is that the meetings will
NOT be in the Boston area.

I have been pushing very hard to get this matter resolved as quickly as
possible. As our lead time has dissolved and because start of the academic
year is a busy season in Boston it was clear that something had to give in
our meeting specifications. From our discussions in previous meetings
and  everybody's calendar management problems I made the decision that we
could not change the meeting week at this late date. That meant that in
order to hold the meetings at all we had give the meeting planners more
freedom in city location. The current possibilities are: Anywhere in the 48
states or Canada that has reasonable airline access. At this point Salt
Lake City is a leading contender but nothing is settled.

There will be a phone meeting this evening (Wednesday) of all of the
principals. It is my intention that we will get a hard commitment for a
location from the meeting.

You will have an e-mail announcing the decision and arrangements absolutely
as soon as possible.

My apologies for the inconvenience that this is causing you.


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