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Logic/Functional Questions

After attending the July meetings and listening/reading the presentations, 
I have some questions I would like to get answered.
Hopefully some of the presenters or others can help me out.

WIS (Norival Figueira?)
- What is the relationship of the 66b data into the Sonet SPE Payload?
  - Which 66b bit is transmitted first in the Sonet Frame?
  - Is there any 66b alignment at the beginning of the SPE Payload
    or is it necessary to do 66b frame detection?
- What is the min IPG transmitted in the SPE payload in order to meet open loop rate   control: 0-3

XAUI Retiming (Rich Taborek?)
- If XGMII IPG transmit is 12 average and XGMII IPG receive is 4 min, 
  where is it legal to remove IPG?
- If /R is removed for retiming, can the 12 average IPG be violated then?

SUPI (Paul Bottorff?)
- Is each lane Sonet scrambled separately into an OC48-like channel?
- What happens to B1,B3 generation/checking?
  - Is BIP calculated for each lane?
  - Is BIP calculated for the concatenated frame and ends up on lane 0.
- Since each lane is not a real OC48 channel, I assume that no modification 
  can happen to the overhead between SUPI PMDs.

Brian Cruikshank