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Re: PMD Objectives


The rationale for providing the distance granularity in the internet data
center and
the central office was to stimulate debate on the target distances and to
clearly identify
the topologies.

The generic cabling (ISO/IEC 11801 and TIA/EIA-568) topologies and
distances are understood and therefore the granularity was not provided.

1. 300 meters covers the centralized fiber optic cabling distances which
the horizontal.

2. A 300 meter solution can be applied to the 100 meter distance.



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> Chris,
> I reviewed your application-distance chart for 10 gig and was wondering
why the
> 100 meter horizontal was not included under customer premises.
> "Chris Diminico" <cd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> on 08/09/2000 02:15:59 PM
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> Subject:  PMD Objectives
> As I pointed out in e-mail to Jonathan, for completeness, we need to
> state all of the relevant application spaces and associated distances in
> order to address the applicability of the current set of distance
> and
> further the PMD discussion.
> The table attached is my attempt at characterizing the cabling distances
> versus
> 10 Gb/s application space. The customer  premise cabling lengths are
> complete
> (by survey and reference). I am collecting information on the cabling
> lengths associated with
> the central office and the data center. The lengths provided for the data
> center and central office are reasonable target values which may be
> based on further study. Any help would be
> appreciated.
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