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New SFF optical connector


Has anyone seen the LX.5 connector?  I was shown one yesterday by someone 
that is doing connector specifications evaluations for the next generation 
of optical equipment.  It has a more robust latch than is on the LC 
connectors.  It also has integrated covers that protect the ends of the 
fiber plug and in the connector housing.  I have been told that in meets 
the same insertion life as the SC connector.  The company that I work for 
may not use SFF connectors because of the "bubba" factor, but it may be 
worth looking at by the TF.

Field trials of equipment using LC connectors with 1.6mm fiber jackets are 
having a much higher patch cord failure rate (~30%) than what is normally 
seen with SC connectors with 2mm and 3mm fiber jackets.  These failures are 
fiber breaks within the jacket of the LC patch cord.  The failure mechanism 
is reported as "excessively rough handling", even though the installation 
people took extra care.  It may be that there is a point of diminishing 
returns on small form factor connectors and cabling reliability because of 
the "human" factor involved with installing and maintaining the 
equipment.  The LX.5 connector has a 1.7mm fiber jacket, so it may not be 
any more robust for nominal data room deployment than the LC.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum