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RE: 1300 nm VCSELs


At this point, this represents a discussion related to "existence proof" of

Don't let this degenerate into a product specific discussion!!!


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> Subject: 1300 nm VCSELs 
> Folks,
> In order to rekindle discussion regarding PMDs I offer the following
> URL:
> As an end user, I had taken the position that only a short wave VCSEL
> based PMD could be the lowest cost and thus included in the 
> set of PMDs
> that go into the first draft of the standard.  At the plenary I had
> heard discussion of 1300 nm VCSELs but told the shipping dates of such
> components could be from several months to years away.  
> Essentially, to
> summarize what I as  well as other end users have said on the 
> reflector,
> we want "cheap and simple" interfaces for the short reach application
> space with simple meaning no mode conditioners and, some would argue,
> serial rather than CWDM or WWDM.  Since the Novacrystals VCSEL has a
> bandwidth of 2.5 Gbps, its clear this would mean it would have to be
> used as some kind of WWDM PMD. I'd like to know if anyone has actually
> demonstrated the feasibility of such a PMD or if anyone is planning to
> present technical information regarding 1300 nm VCSEL based 
> PMDs at the
> interim.  Please forgive me if this has been discussed previously.
> Regards,
> Mike
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