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RE: Multi-mode PMDs

Roy and All:

It seems that we did not get the consensus of which specific PMDs we need in
addition to 1550 and 1310 serial.  However, it seems we have the consensus,
or the majority of desire, to have short reach, cost-effective PMDs, which
will include the VCSEL based approaches.

Since many factors we have been debating to further narrow down the
selection lists are based on the future market trends and many technical
assumptions, we have had quite verities of different opinions; as a result,
we were unable to obtain a consensus.  I do not think the situation will get
better, unless we take a lot of time in debating and testing by prolonging
the schedule, which is unlikely the path we can afford to take.

I think we should let all PMDs on the table to be adopted, and let us move
on to the next target, instead of trying to pin down factors which are not
under our control.


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Subject: Multi-mode PMDs


Where are we in the discussion of the multi-mode PMDs?  There has not been
much on the reflector of late.  The last that I have on this does not
indicate to me that there has been any consensus established.   The last
that I have, indicates that the system vendors and other members of the
10GEA are still wanting the 1310nm solutions, and the rest of the TF are
wanting the 850nm solutions.

Has this subject been moved to an Ad Hoc?  Has this discussion been moved
to a different forum/TF?

Thank you,
Roy Bynum