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RE: (Another) Question Regarding Open-Loop Control Mechanism

> get as short as 9 bytes. I believe it would be possible to write the
> standard so the gap is never allowed to shrink below that or 
> to allow it to
> shrink to something smaller.
The standard has to refer to two parameters regarding the size of IPG: 1)
The minimum size of IPG during transmission (i.e. while packet is output
from the MAC). 2.The minimum size of IPG during reception (i.e. when it goes
to the receptor MAC).

I think that the last discussion leads to the conclusions that:

1.They cannot be equal. If they do, you cannot do clock tolerance
2.As bigger the difference between Min IPG size (Tx) to MIN IPG size (Rx) -
System reliability in terms of clock tolerance immunity is better
We may choose one of two options:

1.Either say that MIN IPG during Tx is 9-12 (As is today), and during Rx is
5-8, and allow any unit at the middle to remove /R/ column
2.Or go back to the original proposals with MIN Tx IPG 13-16 (/A/, /K/, /R/)
and 9-12 during reception, an allow any unit to remove an /R/ column