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Clause 50 comments


Just a few comments regarding clause 49. Sorry if these were
already brought up last week.

50.1.2 - page 177, line 26
  Change "10GBASE-W MAC" to "MAC operating in pace mode"

General Style
  bulleted items end in semi-colons except for the last item
  which ends in a period, i.e., in 50.1.2, the lines following
  a), b), c), d) & e) should end in ";", while f) ends in "." - page 185, Table 50-1
  The labels in the Overhead octet column could be limited
  to "C2", "F2", etc. and leave the words to the Function column. - page 186, Table 50-2
  Same comment - page 187, Table 50-3
  Same comment

50.3.3 - page 188, line 15
  I was under the impression that the scrambler was of length
  7, not 127. - page 190, line 10 is a bad reference - this should be 50.4.2(?) - page 190, lines 21-23
  It takes longer than 125 usec to re-sync to A1/A2. How can
  data extraction expect to begin within this time after the
  errors have gone away of this errors caused a loss of sync?


Benjamin Brown
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