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Re: Error handling in 64/66: Was Re: (Another) Question Regarding Open-Loop


At 01:39 PM 09/07/2000 -0700, you wrote:

>We probably should modify the state diagram by allowing transitions
>from E state to Z, D, or T states. (We need to disallow transition
>from E to S to prevent a certain 3-bit error condition from
>slipping through).

There may be a need to transmit an /E/ code in a frame
by transmit MAC and receive this frame as is by the 
receive MAC. Upon detection of /E/ in D state 
if you go to E state and then Z state then you are trashing the
frame. Which may not be desirable (in this case).

I would suggest encode /E/ and go back to D state and 
process the frame normally.


>Birdy Amrutur