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Path Status (G1) latching

Title: Path Status (G1) latching

Hi all,

This regards the G1 path status maintained
in register 2.12.7:0 (section of
the draft).

This states ".... become set to the value
of the received octet and remain set until
it is read via the management interface."

A typical SONET equippment will set this
to 02h (= "0000" REI & "001" RDI (no error
ERDI indication) & '0').

Since a non-zero value, once latched, will
not be removed till read, the non-zero
normal operation condition is what will
get latched practically all the time.

All error conditions will be lost to this
status byte practically for all time.

Given this, can someone tell what purpose
this status byte hopes to achieve?