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RE: XAUI receiver characteristics


<PAT> This has come up before though I don't think we have implemented a
solution for it. We've counted on people applying some sense when generating
a jittered signal for receive jitter tolerance testing (or perhaps counted
on the unrealistic signal being too difficult to actual generate). I think 
the direction you are heading in would be useful, but some definition of
the filter would need to be supplied. It may need to say something about
the signal resulting from the source plus the filter.

<Dawson> The singal resulting from the source plus filter has to meet the
receive eye. I was assuming that just about any linear low pass filter would
suffice as long as the input meets the transmit parameters (or eye) and the
output meets the receieve eye. This should roughly model everything between
0" and 20" of PCB traces. I haven't thought about it enough yet and am open
to ideas.