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Re: Clause 33 (MDC/MDIO) questions


I'm going to remove the word 'immediately' from the next draft.
You can interpret the word 'should' as 'is recommended that', so the sentence
can also be read as 'It is recommended that the address frame is followed by its
associated write, ...'.
There is no IFG defined for the MDIO interface.
Sending address frames back to back will not break anything.  Each time an
address frame is received it overwrites the MDIO device's address register.  The
address used for a transaction will be whatever is held in this address


Louis Lin <louislin@xxxxxxxx> on 19/10/2000 23:39:54

Sent by:  Louis Lin <louislin@xxxxxxxx>

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Subject:  Clause 33 (MDC/MDIO) questions


On page 84. second section after the table 33-21.
'An address frame should be followed "IMMEDIATELY" by its
associated write, ..........'

Can you define "immediately"? is there a max IFG ?
Or it's just saying the PHY device is expecting a data frame after
an address frame?

Will it break anything if we send two address frames without any
data frame in between?
I expect that the second register address will overwrite the first
register address in the PHY's local address table without breaking


Louis Lin