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Re: A New Virus!

Mr. Mena:

as far as i know, "*.VBS" extension means that the file is really a Visual Basic Script,
not a bitmap, and through virtue of net-wide experience is suspect.

the usual precaution applies here:  if you weren't expecting to receive such a file, if you 
don't know or are uncertain of the source, don't click on it, just delete it.  if the attachment
really was safe, and if someone you know really intended to send you something you 
need or want, that person can always forward another copy.

At 04:25 PM 23-10-00 -0700, George Mena wrote:

>Hey folks:
>Don't look now, but some moron just let a new virus loose on the 'Net!
>We just got the alert here from our IT group.  Any graphics files with a
>*.bmp.vbs file extension should be immediately targeted and deleted!!! 
>George Mena
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