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Requests for password to the protected site.

I have recently received a significant number of requests for the password
to the protected site. I have checked each person requesting this
information against the membership list of 802.3 and the attendees of
802.3ae. For those that were in these lists, I have forwarded the password.
For those that were not, I have explained that the IEEE copyright
policy/terms limit distribution to those who are attending the meetings.

Because the burden of doing this is getting to be "a bit much." I will be
forwarding a note to all 802.3 members and all who have been attending
meetings informing them of the password.

We invite all to come to the meetings and participate in the process (and
thereby receive the password). Information on our next meeting can be found

Information on future meetings can be found in the minutes from the meeting.

Thank you for understanding,


Jonathan Thatcher, Principal Engineer
Chair, IEEE P802.3ae (10 Gigabit Ethernet)
World Wide Packets
115 North Sullivan Rd
PO Box 950
Veradale WA  99037
509-242-9228; Fax 509-242-9001;