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Re: Link Status thoughts


P802.3ae has no Auto-Negotiation objective and Auto-Negotiation was
voted down at the September, 2000 meeting. Current P802.3ae definitions
set Link Status = OK when the transmitter is operational and the
receiver can synchronize to the incoming bit stream and signal detect is
OK. Any "close loop" or handshaking of the two simplex links must be
initiated at the MAC level or above. This is true for all P802.3ae
variants including LAN and WAN and is independent of coding and the
presence or absence of any interfaces or extensions.

Best Regards,

Isaac Fuchs wrote:
> Hi Rich
> As I know from 802.3z  link_status is a close loop
> information. It's mean that link_status is up only when
> both sides transmit and also receive  right symbols (c1,c2)
> [I know that 802.3z includes also auto_neg.].
> Is there  in P802.3ae any close loop (LAN application)?
> I mean  when I transmit after powering on /K/R/.. from XGXS layer how can I
> know that the remote receive this information?
> Regards
> Isaac Fuchs
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