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RE: Clause 49 comments

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From: Ben Brown [mailto:bbrown@xxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2000 7:33 AM
To: 802.3ae
Subject: Clause 49 comments


Just a few comments regarding clause 49. Sorry if these were
already brought up last week. - page 159, line 13
  The reference to serial-bit-oriented physical media does
  not reflect the intended support of WAN WWDM implementations.
We hadn't approved the WWDM phy. It should be fixed now.

49.1.5, page 159, line 53
  Change XSBI description from "10 gigaBit Interface" to
  "10 gigabit Sixteen Bit Interface"

49.1.5, page 159, line 54
  This can also be used with WAN WWDM so the description of
  "a serial, physical interface" is not quite appropriate.
Accept - page 160, figure 49-1
  The reference to LX-, SX- and XX-PMDs should be replaced
  with LR-, SR- and XR-PMDs
The figure needs to be updated because it really doesn't
work to show each of seven phys seperately and the phy 
names change based on whether WIS is present. This is just
suppose to be a copy of the layer diagram for 10 Gig intro with
the PCS highlighted. Are you doing a new layer diagram
for the intro?

49.1.6 - page 161, figure 49-2
  There should be a line from the BLOCK SYNC box to the
Accept. Also, there should not be a line to it from the decoder.

49.2.1 - page 161, line 40
  Insert the number 10 before Gigabit Media Indepndent Interface

49.2.2 - page 161, line 49
  Replace "TXCn = 1" with "RXCn = 1" 
Accept - page 165, figure 49-5
  The column of Input Data should use Zx rather than Cx. There
  is not a 1:1 mapping from the Cx under Input Data to the Cx
  under Block Payload
I couldn't find any place where those signals are called Z on
the XGMII. There is a 1:1 mapping of valid Cx on the XGMII to valid 
Cx codes in Block Payloads. The representations of each code differ 
for the XGMII and the Block Payload, but the meaning of each code has
a representation in each place. - page 166, line 52
  Change "sent when an invalid" to "sent when invalid"
Accept - page 169
  line 18 - mt_valid should reference bits 0 & 1, not 65 & 64
  line 28 - remove the word "with"
  line 31 - superscript the "-4"
  line 33 - bad definition for slip_done - cut & paste error
Accept - page 169, line 53
  superscript the 14
Accept - page 170, figure 49-9
  Keep hi_ber_cnt at reset value when not in frame_lock state.
Accept - page 172, figure 49-11
  in state E, replace "=" with "<=" in "rx_err=EFRAME_G"


Benjamin Brown
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