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RE: Link Status thoughts


I've looked at your slides. I'm not sure if you intend all 
the signals shown coming out of blocks (especially those on
slides 8 and 10) to be pins. If so, that is way too many
pins for link status. 

What I propose is one pin from the PMD to the PMA indicating
whether the link is good (that is, signal detect is okay on
all inputs) or not. One pin from the PMA to the PCS/WIS
indicating whether the receive link at the PMA and below
is okay. That would be an AND of the signal it gets from
the PMD and the PMA's lock signal. The WIS to PCS interface 
is only defined as a logical interface, so it would have
a message defined to pass whether the link below was up -
the AND of the signal it gets from the PMA and its frame
sync acquired status.


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After a discussion some of us had during the editorial
meeting yesterday, I thought I'd put some of our thoughts
down on paper. There are still quite a few questions
buried in these slides. Anyone with comments, please
feel free to share them. I'd like to have these comments
before the November meeting so we can put a proposal on
the table.


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